Active and Able

Consultancy services and professional development provision to support access and inclusion

About Us

Active & Able™ Consultancy was borne out of the knowledge that young people with a disability often experience levels of exclusion in physical activity (including physical education, mainstream sport and active recreation) due to a range of reasons.  According to research, students with a disability tend to experience higher levels of pain and stress, have more difficulties in school, be more socially isolated, have more health issues and experience more challenges in participating in physical activities than students without disabilities.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The benefits of participation in physical activity are well-known and include increases in physical fitness and physical, emotional and mental well-being.  Physical activity has been shown to decrease pain and stress, improve physical health and increase feelings of social connectedness, happiness, self-worth and well-being. One young person’s account of the benefits of playing disability sport can be found here.

We believe that by supporting young people to participate meaningfully in physical activity, we can help to increase their quality of life and improve their chances of lifelong participation. 

As a result of our knowledge, skills, and experience working with students with disabilities in a physically active context, we are able to provide a range of tailored services developed with the individual in mind.  We directly assist families, organisations, and individuals to learn how young people with disabilities can be included in active recreation, such as learn-to-swim programs or community sport.  

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